Safi’s region capers

20.000 tons of capers are harvested yearly in Morocco, 10.000 tons of them comes from Safi’s region.

Our caper’s origins

Our capers are directly purchased in daily markets directly from small producers of Safi’s region.

Our capers benefits

Product’s quality, its availability and price.


What We Do

Located in SAFI

Located in SAFI

Located in SAFI, in the very heart of Morocco main caper region, SFI AGRO collects and processes capers exclusively grown in this area.

Our processing

Our processing

Our processing line is unique in Morocco. It is fully integrated and allows cleaning, sorting and calibration in a one shot processing the same...

Die am meisten geschätzte

Die am meisten geschätzte

Die am meisten geschätzte Kapern unter den 4 Arten, die in Marokko angebaut werden, ist Safi Kapern für seinen spezifischen Geschmack. Es heißt...

Health Benefits


Antioxidant Powers

Capers are rich in flavonoid compounds including rutin and quercetin.


Fiberlicious Good

Capers are potent sources of fiber


Mineral mine

Capers contain minerals like iron, calcium, copper and high levels of sodium


Bad Enzyme Buster

People who include fat and red meat in their daily diet should eat capers since it destroys certain by products found in meat and foods which are rich in fat


Vitamin Vitality

These tasty herbs are storehouses of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin K, niacin, and riboflavin


Rheumatism Relief

Capers have been used as a treatment for rheumatic pain in ancient Greece

Our business

What is our business ?

We export Safi’s region best capers everywhere around the world, our main exporting markets being: Europe, USA, brazil. Our transportation process ensures the best quality at delivery.